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Leadership_1.1 Transformational Leadership Strategy

Transformational Leadership Strategy

Leadership_1.2 Developing a Winning Team as Your Business Grows

Developing a Winning Team as Your Business Grows

Leadership_1.3 Becoming the -Leader You Were -Meant to Be

Becoming the Leader You Were Meant to Be

Leadership_2.1 Culture -Success Strategies

Success Strategies

Leadership_2.2 Resiliency Training for Your Team

Resiliency Training for Your Team

Leadership_3.1 Guide to Conflict Management

Guide to Conflict Management

Leadership_3.2 Best Practices for Delegation

Best Practices for Delegation in Leadership

Leadership_3.3 Leadership Marketing Muscle (LMM)

Leadership Marketing Muscle (LMM)

Success Strategies

Mergers and Acquisitions

MA__1.1 The Good, The -Bad, and The Ugly -of Becoming a -Platform

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Becoming a Platform

MA__1.3 what's your quality score-

What's Your Quality Score?

MA__2.1 Financing the many costs of m&a growth

Financing the Many Costs of M&A Growth

MA__2.2 What if-... Managing the people risks during M&A

What If?…Managing the People Risks During M&A


Should I Buy (or Sell) and To Who?

MA__2.4 The seller’s-perspective

The Seller's Perspective

MA__2.5 Transaction alternatives

Transaction Alternatives

MA__3.1 increase your valuation

Increase Your Valuation

Increase Your Valuation


Revenue_1.1 how to write your brand story

How to Write Your Brand Story


Selling to Millennials and Gen Z: The New Frontier

Revenue_1.3 content -marketing


Revenue_2.1 Sales & marketing ROI- how to know the true cost of sales and marketing

Sales and Marketing ROI: How to Know the True Cost - Managing the Right Ratio

Revenue_2.2 Becoming the strongest -link in your customers -supply chain

Fostering Genuine Strategic Partnerships with Your Customers

Revenue_2.3 linkedin sales strategy

Sales Strategy

Revenue_2.4 How to increase -cybersecurity mrr

How to Increase Cybersecurity MRR

Revenue_2.5 Building authority- throught leadership strategy

Building Authority Thought Leadership Strategy

Revenue_3.1 kpi alignment between marketing & sales

KPI Alignment Between Marketing & Sales

Revenue_3.2 mql vs sql- lead-scoring process

MQL vs SQL Lead Scoring Process



Service and Security

SS_1.1 WHAT MAKES A good security assessment

What Makes a Good Security Assessment?

SS_1.2 the new era of msp management- how dashboard automation and ai co pilot bots are changing the games

The New Era of MSP Management: How Dashboard, Automation, and AI co-Pilot Bots are Changing the Game!

SS_1.3 Live hack- see how cyber gangs get into your system

LIVE Hack: See How Cyber Gangs Get Into Your Systems

SS_2.1 the rise of chatgpt and how to aboid the end of the world

Rise of ChatGPT & How to Avoid the End of the World

SS_2.2 biggest cybersecurity mistaks and what we can learn from them

Biggest Cybersecurity Mistakes and What We Can Learn From Them

SS_2.3 the importance of the zero trust in a remote-hybrid workplace

The Importance of
Zero Trust in a Remote/Hybrid Workspace

SS_2.4 automation vs. ai

Automation vs AI

SS_2.5 Building security engineers- how to upskill your talent

Building Security Engineers How to Upskill your Talent

SS_3.1 compliance what-

Compliance What?

SS_3.2 Securing Profitability- -Navigating Pricing and -Value Conversations in -the Face of Heightened -Security Measures

Securing Profitability: Navigating Pricing and Value Conversations

The New Era of MSP Management: How Dashboard, Automation, and AI co-Pilot Bots are Changing the Game!

Compliance What?


Strategy_1.2 Know your Mins Most important numbers and drivers

Know Your (MINDs) Most Important Number and Drivers

Strategy_1.3 Ai models and methods

AI Models
& Methods

Strategy_2.1 profitability efficiency strategy

Profitability Efficiency Strategy

Strategy_2.2 Trustnomic how to spark growth, inspire loyalty,and outshine the competition

Trustnomics: How to Spark Growth Inspire Loyalty and Outshine the Competition

Strategy_2.3 Optimization of operational sustainability

Optimization of Operational Sustainability

Strategy_2.4 Protect tour “secret sauce” and grow share value using ip

Protect Your Secret Sauce and Grow Share Value Using IP

Strategy_2.5 Your longevity superpower - peptide party!

Your Longevity Superpower - Peptide Party!

Strategy_3.1 Your team success unleashing the entrepreneurial mindset

Strategic Coach: YOUR TEAM SUCCESS - Unleashing the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Strategy_3.2 Unlocking entrepreneurial productivity- entrepreneurial time system

Strategic Coach UNLOCKING ENTREPRENEURIAL PRODUCTIVITY: The Power of The Entrepreneurial Time System

Strategy_3.3 who not how- the key to achieving more while empowering others

Strategic Coach - WHO NOT HOW: The Key to Achieving More While Empowering Others for Success 

Strategy_1.3 Ai models and methods

AI Models
& Methods

Strategy_2.5 Your longevity superpower - peptide party!

Your Longevity Superpower: Fitness 25 at 50


Talent_2.1 workforce planning and strategy

Workforce Planning and Strategy

Talent_2.2 Building culture through acquisition

Building a Culture Through Acquisition

Talent_2.3 building operating system- build and sustain top talent

Talent Operating Systems: Build and Sustain Top Talent

Talent_3.2 Broaden your talent pool- five talent personas

Broaden Your Talent Pool Five Talent Personas

Talent_3.3 Talent skills journey - upskilling-reskilling to fill the gap

Talent Skills Journey

Broaden Your Talent Pool Five Talent Personas