As an MSP, the imperative of securing and retaining top-notch talent looms large. Negotiating the competitive and ever-evolving landscape of the market is no easy feat, with 55% of MSPs citing the acquisition of qualified personnel as their foremost challenge in 2023, as per a report by CompTIA. 


One innovative strategy to overcome this hurdle involves delving into the nuanced motivations and aspirations of diverse talent personas—fictional representations of specific segments defined by skills, preferences, knowledge, and goals. By understanding their unique needs and desires, MSPs can tailor recruitment strategies and create a more inclusive and appealing work environment. This approach not only helps attract a wider range of candidates but also encourages a diverse and creative team that can bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the table.

For organizations seeking to diversify and expand their talent pool, understanding and catering to these five distinct talent personas can prove invaluable. 


The Traditionalists 

These are the professionals who are most concerned with their careers and who place a high value on stability, work-life balance, and traditional company values. Motivated by competitive compensation, perks, titles, status, and clearly defined career paths, they are loyal and dependable employees who are attracted to the company. Traditionalists prefer to communicate in a formal and professional manner because they thrive in structured and established environments. In order to attract and keep this persona, businesses should emphasize stability, highlight the history and reputation of the organization, provide flexible working arrangements, and place an emphasis on traditional values and clear opportunities for advancement. 


The Do-It-Yourselfers 

These personas are self-sufficient and entrepreneurial, and they are looking for a wide range of project opportunities, as well as flexibility and autonomy. Motivated by meaningful work and the opportunity to make a tangible impact, they thrive in environments that are dynamic and agile, with communication that is informal and collaborative. It is important for service providers to highlight workplace flexibility, emphasize the impact and purpose of their services, promote remote work options, and showcase an innovative culture that rewards new ideas and solutions in order to attract this group of individuals. 


The Caregivers 

Comprising of individuals with responsibilities or interests outside the workplace (such as family, education, or hobbies), these individuals value work-life balance, well-being support, and family-friendly policies. Adaptable and compassionate, they are motivated by personal and professional development and thrive in a supportive and inclusive environment. Organizations aiming to attract and retain these individuals should highlight flexible work arrangements, offer well-being support programs, showcase a supportive community, and provide opportunities for career growth within flexible roles. 


The Idealists 

This persona is driven by a passion for contributing to a greater purpose and being part of a supportive community. They value purpose, development, and inclusivity, thriving in positive and inspiring environments with friendly and supportive communication. MSPs can attract and retain idealists by focusing on the meaningful work their business does, highlighting investment in personal and professional development, emphasizing diversity and inclusivity, and showcasing a positive organizational culture. 


The Relaxers 

Those seeking a less stressful and more enjoyable work experience (such as retirees, semi-retirees, or career changers) fall into the relaxer category. Valuing meaningful work, flexibility, and a tailored approach, they prefer a relaxed and casual environment with humorous and friendly communication. Companies looking to engage this demographic should emphasize opportunities for worthwhile work, offer flexible contracts, employ a tailored approach based on positive past experiences, and showcase the fun and enjoyable aspects of the business. 


Increasing Exposure to Talented Employees

By understanding these five talent personas, MSPs can effectively broaden their talent pool and appeal to a diverse array of candidates. Tailoring job postings, recruitment strategies, and employee engagement programs to align with the preferences and goals of each persona enhances the likelihood of attracting and retaining the right talent for their business. 

Additionally, MSPs can leverage technology and social media platforms to increase their exposure to these personas. By actively promoting company culture, values, and unique selling points, organizations can create a strong brand that resonates with potential candidates. This not only attracts top talent but also helps in building a positive reputation within the industry, making it easier to attract future candidates. 


What methods does your company use to attract talent? What personas resonate best with your organization’s goals? 


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