Sometimes small changes can have a significant impact and help you ease your business toward improvement—without being overwhelming. Three IT By Design (ITBD) leadership team members have simple tips for becoming a better MSP. You can also watch the video here.

Data, Data, and More Data

As the global service delivery manager for IT By Design, Ketan Patel knows you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Rather than depending on guesswork, he advises that business leaders invest the time needed to build reporting structures for their business. Use that data to identify trends and patterns, then leverage that knowledge in your business strategy.

Know What Good Looks Like

For Javid Khan, ITBD CTO, successfully meeting expectations—both internally and for customers—means fully understanding business goals. Not only must business leaders know what good looks like for their company, but so must everyone else on the team. To achieve that, establish clear KPIs. That will help your team understand what you value most in the business, but it will also help you narrow your focus. Explain clearly to your team what each KPI means. It’s also important, says Javid, to build buy-in. Your team should know why meeting goals is essential to the business and understand their role in that success.

Your Culture is Key

Many of you know that ITBD CEO Sunny Kaila is a voracious reader. His advice is rooted in a book by Daniel Coyle, “The Culture Code.” Sunny is consistent in his message to fellow business leaders:  Your culture is your key differentiator in the ongoing battle for MSP talent. An engaging, positive culture helps you retain great talent and makes hiring new employees that much easier. On top of a great culture, he recommends establishing a straightforward process for identifying, interviewing, and hiring the right people.