Are you currently “acquiring” talent or are you “recruiting” talent? Using the right strategy can have a positive impact on your team and overall business.

Often these terms are used interchangeably, but they really are two distinct means of filling talent gaps. “Recruiting” focuses on a short-term, fast-fix strategy – perhaps to fill holiday coverage ― whereby “Acquisition” is a long-term campaign where you’re targeting candidates with certain skills and abilities, cultural fits, and who desire an enduring career path. This can become more complex when the notion of in-house and remote workers comes into play.

For MSPs, not hiring the right employees will cause your business to grapple with poor productivity, poor decision-making, and less-than-enthusiastic team members. Whether you’re trying to boost your NOC services, expand your team of engineers to cover special projects, or grow your level of employee engagement, the search process needs to know if you’re looking to fill the roles for the short or long term.

Both still have challenges. Like ramp-up time as the tech candidates need to know your tool stack. Time to become familiar with your MSP processes. Be able to work seamlessly with your existing team.

Identifying talent short- or long-term needs must be very strategic

IT By Design‘s unique way of helping you identify talent for either short- or long-term needs is very strategic and based on your needs and projected growth. Our deep bench of skilled engineers are already trained, certified, and pre-screened for you. Your homework is done – thus significantly decreasing the exhaustive and costly acquisition journey.

Our distinguishing factor is the 60-day boot camp that all our engineers complete before they find a seat on our bench. This schooling isn’t just focused on technology, but also on learning the MSP way and improving their language skills and other soft skills that will make them even more effective in filling your open roles.

When acquiring from a solid bench of ready-to-go engineers, you can add talent at your rate of recruitment. For your NOC, outsourcing allows you to develop a team that can truly drive revenue rather than just being an expense line item.

Once you’ve hired the talent, then the final phase of acquisition is retaining them. This requires a robust culture for both in-house and remote team members. Are you making them feel welcomed and a vital part of the company vision? Do you have a means of recognizing them for their small and big achievements?

You can accomplish this with such employee engagement tools as IT By Design’s Team GPS. Our centralized platform is comprised of five components – from management performance to rewards and recognition – that are critical to keeping your talent engaged, informed, and invested in their roles.

So identify whether you’re acquiring or recruiting talent and know that there are attractive options to help you succeed in either one.


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