In today’s volatile technological world, the importance of a network operations center (NOC) to your MSP can’t be overstated. But effectively staffing one is a huge and expensive undertaking. To operate it 24/7 requires your engineers to provide overnight coverage and to be on-call weekends and holidays. They must monitor, maintain, support, and troubleshoot to keep your customers’ businesses running securely at optimal capacity. So what about outsourcing a NOC service from a third-party provider to save you the trouble and costs? 

A NOC service provider specializes in the practice. They already have the team, support center, and processes to ensure a seamless transition for your customers. NOCs are typically invisible to your clients, so, too, should your provider who serves as a seamless extension of your team. Yes, it’s a difficult decision to outsource because there’s a lot riding on it. Above all, your company’s integrity. 

But here are some top advantages of outsourcing your NOC services that may make it an easier decision: 

9 Benefits of Outsourcing a NOC Service Provider

1. Access to Expertise 

Outsourcing a NOC provider can provide you with access to a team of highly skilled and experienced network engineers who have extensive knowledge and experience in managing complex networks. These engineers have the necessary skills and experience to monitor and troubleshoot network issues efficiently, reducing your customers’ downtime. 

2. 24/7 Coverage  

Networks are vulnerable to issues at all times and downtime can have a significant impact on a business’s productivity and bottom line. Outsourcing a NOC provider provides your MSP with round-the-clock coverage, ensuring that any network issue is immediately addressed, minimizing downtime for your customers. 

3. Cost Savings 

Creating an in-house NOC can be a significant financial burden for MSPs. The costs of hiring, training, and retaining network engineers ― along with the cost of infrastructure ― can add up quickly. Outsourcing a NOC provider can save you significant costs because the provider will have already invested in the necessary infrastructure and training, allowing you to focus your resources on core business operations. 

4. Scalability 

As your MSP grows, so, too, does its need for network monitoring and management. Outsourcing to an NOC provider can provide you with the flexibility to scale your operations, enabling you to meet your customers’ needs as they grow without having to invest in expensive infrastructure and resources. 

5. Focus on Core Business Operations 

Creating an in-house NOC requires significant resources and attention, diverting your MSP’s attention away from its core business operations. Outsourcing to a NOC provider allows your team to focus on its core business operations ― such as customer service and marketing ― ensuring that they can deliver high-quality services to your customers without compromising on other critical areas of the business. 

6. Latest Technologies 

In order to guarantee that your tech team has access to the highest quality network monitoring and management services, outsourcing a NOC provider can be extremely beneficial. 

NOC providers will invest in the latest technologies, ensuring that they can provide customers like you with the most up-to-date and reliable network monitoring and management services, saving you time and money.  

7. Improved Service Quality 

Outsourcing to a NOC provider can improve the quality of service that your MSP can offer to your customers. Providers have dedicated teams and processes in place to ensure that they provide high-quality, reliable services to their customers, ensuring that your MSP can deliver the same level of service to your customers. 

8. Fresh Perspective  

An outsourced NOC partner brings to your MSP a fresh perspective. It has eyes on your infrastructure 24×7 with the expertise and experience to monitor your systems in ways that you may not have considered. This is an effective way to improve your operations and add value to your investment. 

9. Time to Outsource Your NOC Services  

Outsourcing a NOC provider allows for talent acquisition to focus on a team that can drive revenue rather than being only an expense line item – and allow you to provide high-quality services to your customers while minimizing downtime and maximizing uptime.  If you are looking for a reliable and experience NOC provider, consider IT BY Design.  Contact us today to learn more how we can help you reach your goals. 


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