Building a culture of WOW is about growing a team of people committed to the same purpose, passion, and ideals. Without a strong company culture, employees struggle to execute and certainly won’t perform at a level that moves a business from the mundane to rocket-fueled success.
But where do you start your journey?

Hiring for Core Values

There is no way you can target and hire people that fit your culture if you don’t have core values at the center of your business. Ask yourself:

  • Are your core values defined?
  • Are they sustainable and realistic?
  • Will they outlive you?
  • Are your core values at the center of every decision?
  • Do all your employees know and understand your values?
  • Would you hire or fire someone if they didn’t have these values?

Positive Attitude Means Everything

During a recent morning huddle, our CEO asks us to have Happy Mondays instead of Happy Fridays. Why? Setting a positive tone can change how the entire day unfolds—maybe even the week. What successful companies often have in common is an enjoyable work atmosphere where hard work is paired with laughter and celebration. A few simple steps can help jump-start that effort. An easy place to begin: celebrate milestones—company wins, work anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays.

Utilize Social Media

While in-office celebrations are key, don’t forget to praise your team in public. Highlight team accomplishments through lighthearted social media posts. Create albums from your events—industry conferences or customer appreciation days—and call out the efforts of your team. Creating a culture of WOW will impact hiring as well, but only if you showcase your amazing environment and your engaged, happy employees. Social media is the perfect tool for that. Also, don’t forget to highlight customers and partners—your best evangelists often share your core values and want to help you succeed.