You won the sale, and now it’s time to show your new customer that you can deliver on your promises. Onboarding is a simple word for a complex process that can mean the difference between a positive long-term partnership and a new customer lost forever. Many companies focus solely on the technology onboarding tasks but overlook the personal touch and the need for clear guidance for each customer—a process documented internally for repeatable success. In this session, we will discuss:

  • Technology: Checklist for success
  • Your Team: Introductions aren’t enough
  • Sharing the Love: Culture
  • Communications from Day 1
  • Nurture the partnership
  • Our Hard-Learned 99 Steps for Success

About Javid Khan

As CTO of a Master MSP, Javid Khan spends his days (and occasionally nights and weekends) making sure customers are happy. But often than not, he is leading a team of 200-plus service experts, creating the policies, documentation, workflow, and training needed to meet industry-standard and higher SLAs, ensure customer expectations are surpassed, and hold a global services organization accountable for seamless technology support.

Javid joined IT By Design almost 13 years ago, working through several roles, learning along the way. He’s developed a deep expertise in services delivery alongside technology savviness when it comes to keeping a global business operating smoothly, with collaboration and security held to the highest standard.

Before joining IT By Design, Javid was an IT manager. He earned his bachelor of arts in Pre-Medicine/Pre-Medical Studies from Saint John’s University. Javid lives in New York with his wife and two sons.

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