Let’s talk about the must-dos for creating a team that truly puts the right person in the right role within your organization. With so many factors playing into a good hire, you need to understand both the role and also the type of personality needed to be successful in that position. Then you need to sharpen your interview and evaluation process and skills to make sure you are correctly selecting the right person. In this session we will discuss:

  1. Understanding your role—functionally, skills needed, and personality fit
  2. How do you tailor your hiring process to find the personalities you need
  3. Hire internally: How do you align roles and personalities
  4. What happens when you make a mistake?
  5. Tips from more than 20,000 interviews in five years

About Kam Kaila

As a partner and president of IT By Design, Kam is the company’s brand ambassador, responsible for building the brand worldwide. As Chief Community Officer, she leads the company’s community, marketing, and sales teams, and her vision has guided ITBD to its role as a leader in the MSP community.

In an extension of her role, Kam is the inspiration and engine behind Build IT; an education-first channel event and newly launched online university that facilitates sharing best practices and knowledge by true channel educators through templates, tools, and scorecards that MSPs can apply immediately in their companies.

Along with being one of the principals of ITBD, Kam is the recipient of numerous channel accolades, including Woman of the Channel/Power 100 awards and Influencer of the Year. She drives awareness and partnership with MSPs through her energetic, engaging delivery of educational content at channel events such as IT Nation, Robin Robins, DattoCon, and in webinars and channel publications.

Kam has a master’s degree from both Rutgers University and the New Jersey Institute of Technology. She has been a respected professor at Rutgers University and Hudson County College. Both the office and home mom, she is actively involved with her three sons and her community in New Jersey.

Invite Kam to be a speaker by contacting Gennifer Biggs, IT By Design, genn.biggs@motherclucker.net  (814) 449-2676