An underrated growth strategy is to engage, guide and nurture the beating heart of your organization—your employees. Engaged employees who understand the role they play in the larger scheme of things can help you unlock greater growth, foster innovation and achieve remarkable success. We’ve built Team GPS, our talent operating system, to help you do just that. 

To make Team GPS more powerful as your organization’s talent operating system, we’ve introduced new functionalities this year that revolve around: 

  • Making more data-driven insights available to you 
  • Leveraging the power of AI 
  • Helping you comprehensively manage every employee’s performance  

In this blog, we’ll dive into these exciting new features and how they can help your business master employee engagement. 

New features to make employee engagement effortless 

Here’s a quick walk-through of the powerful additions we’ve made to Team GPS: Integration: The new integration with MSPbots empowers you to effectively handle data management, establish transparent performance expectations and reinforce accountability within your organization. You can now proactively identify and resolve potential issues, ultimately leading to enhanced experiences for both employees and customers.  

Scorecards: With the addition of Scorecards, tracking employee performance and goal attainment has never been easier. This feature offers real-time visibility into individual and team achievements, fostering healthy competition and a results-oriented culture. By setting clear expectations and regularly reviewing progress, you can inspire your employees to excel and contribute more effectively to your organization’s growth. 

Coaching Sessions: Team GPS now includes coaching sessions, designed to provide a structured framework for one-on-one discussions between managers and employees. By encouraging open dialogue, setting goals and offering constructive feedback, you can nurture talent, strengthen skills, and align individual aspirations with organizational objectives. 

AI Implementation: We believe that embracing artificial intelligence is a game-changer for employee engagement. Our upcoming AI implementation will go beyond basic automation, using advanced algorithms to analyze data and making it available to you in a single pane of glass. This proactive technology-driven approach will help you improve employee satisfaction and reduce turnover. 

Performance Management: Team GPS now has a full-fledged performance management module you can use to track, evaluate and optimize employee performance. With features like 360-degree feedback, continuous feedback loops and data-driven insights, you can create a culture of continuous improvement. 

Schedule a demo of Team GPS today to witness first-hand how Team GPS can help you forget the stress you take over retaining your organization’s top talent.