MSPs like you are leading the tech transformation of organizations across industries. This is no mean feat, and we understand that you need the right support. That’s why every year, we strive to give you what you need to help your MSP grow, scale and thrive further. 

This year wasn’t an exception. Here’s a quick recap of all the new services and product features we added to all our offerings and announced at Build IT LIVE: 

One-Stop NOC 

We’re absolutely thrilled to unveil a set of new additions to our NOC services—One-Stop NOC—keeping your specific needs in mind. 

Sentry: After-Hours Peace of Mind Made Possible 

Sentry provides you round-the-clock support during weekends and after-hours to ensure: 

  • Uninterrupted business operations during weekends and off-hours 
  • Quick resolution of critical network issues, reducing downtime and potential revenue loss 
  • Handling of any emergencies 

Ignite: Powering Up Your Service Requests 

Ignite is our comprehensive solution that takes everything you love about our Watch and Care services to the next level by seamlessly integrating service requests and MACDs (moves, adds, changes, deletes) into the mix. 

Its benefits include: 

  • Streamline and simplify the process of service requests. 
  • Faster issue resolution through a unified system. 
  • Enhanced visibility and control over your network’s performance. 

Ignite Secure: Expert Cybersecurity Help 

Ignite Secure gets you access to a powerhouse team of dedicated security engineers who specialize in implementing best practices and minimizing user-caused incidents. The team will manage: 

  • Monthly security compliance checklist that fulfills ISO27001, CIS, and NIST best practices 
  • Quarterly end-user security awareness training to prevent the biggest causes of security incidents 
  • Microsoft Azure security best-practice management 

You can read more about these features here.

MSP-Dedicated Engineers 

We’re expanding our pool of MSP-dedicated engineers to include engineers who specialize in Azure. Additionally, to ease your burden of building team of specialized engineers, we’ve launched a new offering where in we’ll build, train and operate the team for you. 

Azure Pro: Your Trusted Day-to-Day Support 

Introducing Azure Pro, a specialized service involving skilled Azure engineers equipped with a robust foundation in Azure fundamentals, cloud concepts and basic networking principles. 

Azure Advanced: Expert Support for Azure Complexities 

With Azure Advanced, we bring you an elite tier of Azure engineers with the prowess to tackle even the most intricate and specialized Azure tasks. These engineers will not only possess a profound understanding of Azure services but also boast advanced troubleshooting capabilities and a track record of successful cloud implementations. 

Dedicated Talent Pods: Your Team Built and Trained by Us 

In a first-of-its-kind offering to solve the talent crisis in the channel, we’re introducing Dedicated Talent Pods. With this unique offering, we take care of the intricate process of building, training and running an engineering team specifically for your MSP. Even better, when you’re ready to assume full control, we’ll seamlessly transition the reins to you. 

You can learn about these features in detail here.

Team GPS 

We’ve enhanced Team GPS, making it a more powerful talent operating system for your organization by introducing new functionalities focused on providing data-driven insights, harnessing AI and enabling comprehensive employee performance management. Integration 

The new integration with MSPbots empowers you to effectively handle data management, establish transparent performance expectations and reinforce accountability within your organization. 


With the addition of Scorecards, you now have real-time visibility into individual and team achievements, fostering healthy competition and a results-oriented culture. 

Coaching Sessions 

Team GPS now includes coaching sessions, designed to provide a structured framework for one-on-one discussions between managers and employees. 

AI Implementation 

Our upcoming AI implementation will go beyond basic automation, using advanced algorithms to analyze data and making it available to you in a single pane of glass.

Performance Management 

Team GPS now has a full-fledged performance management module you can use to track, evaluate and optimize employee performance. 

More details on these features are available here.

ITBD Marketplace 

IT By Design partners turn to us not just for solutions to their problems, but also for support with doing what’s best. Why? After 20 years of experience in the MSP channel, we know what good looks like. Now, through the ITBD Marketplace, we will offer partners product licenses from vendor solutions most trusted and vetted by ITBD. 

All details about this new offering are available here.

Tell us which of the new features you’re most excited to know about. 

Lastly, don’t miss attending our product feature release webinar—IT By Design New Product Updates 2023—where we will take you on a deeper dive into these features and discuss how your MSP can make the most of them.

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