We know you’ve heard it before: cybersecurity is the hottest topic in the channel. But truth is, an MSP has to be ready to do more than just install security solutions for their SMB customers. Truly protecting your clients means constantly evaluating the threat landscape, evolving your solution set, and having an incident plan to manage the call for help when a breach happens.

Aidan Kehoe is co-founder and CEO of SKOUT CYBERSECURITY shares his insights on what MSPs must have in place to succeed as a security partner in 2021, and also the ways that those threats are an opportunity to deliver more value to clients and more revenue back to your MSP.


  • MSPs are the 911 for cybersecurity. Are you ready to help your customers when they call?
  • Are you delivering the basic cyber hygiene that can solve the majority of security problems that SMBs face?
  • Learn how MSPs that embrace security grow faster and more profitably than others

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