We’ve spent many of the last two months on the road, attending industry events, connecting with our partners, and meeting many new friends. Most recently, we took our roadshow to IT Nation Connect. What a week that was!

Consolidation News

Beyond the engagement and the opportunity to visit with so many of our friends and customers at Evolve and Connect, we were on the ground to hear some significant announcements from ConnectWise and the Thoma Bravo ecosystem of partners. Since the MSP community is accustomed to a near-constant carousel of acquisitions and mergers, it didn’t surprise anyone to hear ConnectWise CEO Jason Magee announce several business partnerships at the event, including a merger with another Thoma Bravo investment—and rival—Continuum.

The buzz after the keynote was pretty straightforward: Are fewer choices good for MSPs? Is a “one-stop” shop what business owners want? How does this affect other partners in the ConnectWise family? We know one thing, it’s a big deal, and we’d like to congratulate both sides on making this happen. As always, vendors’ success in the MSP space helps drive additional growth for everyone.

What’s the Impact?

Since we don’t have a crystal ball, we’ll be watching alongside the rest of our MSP colleagues as this merger’s details unfold. We know that none of these changes impact our customers or us. Because we have always been focused on delivering value to our partners—partly by working with their tool stack of choice—we will remain vendor agnostic. We already partner with the major vendors in our industry—ConnectWise, Continuum, Datto, Kaseya, and SolarWinds—and we’ll continue building additional collaborations and expertise as the vendor landscape changes. As each of our customers makes the tool stack that works best for their unique needs, we will be there to support them.

How Our Business Changes

Consolidation has long been part of the MSP landscape, and we all are accustomed to navigating through those changes. As a Master MSP, we understand how the ongoing shifts in the vendor landscape impact you—sometimes it makes business more accessible, sometimes it makes it more difficult. These distractions can be stressful, so we want you to know that we’ll adjust and grow our expertise to support any vendor you choose. That’s our business—enabling your company’s success with outstanding talent that works in your tool stack.