With the channel becoming busy with events, how do you know which one to choose? We sat down with Tiffani Spealman, Events Manager at IT By Design, to talk about what makes Build IT LIVE so unique. 

ITBD: What makes Build IT LIVE different from other events in the channel? 

TS: Our intentionality and dedication to making the entire channel thrive! Every year, we do an environmental scan where we research the biggest challenges and best opportunities MSPs will face now and in the future. From that research, we create a list of topics that our speakers choose from. You’re not getting recycled presentations from events throughout the year. Every breakout session is accompanied by a tool, template or process that is put into a workbook, so the attendee has something to implement after the event. We also record all the sessions and make them into courses on Build IT University (our LMS platform). Attendees get 3 months free access to Build IT U so they can rewatch sessions they saw, catch the ones they missed, and share valuable insights and direction with their teams. You can see the passion this team has for delivering a high-quality experience in every step of our planning process.  

ITBD: The approach that the team has chosen for Build IT LIVE, what is the thinking behind focusing on educational content? 

TS: We’re not just here trying to grow our own business, but the entire ecosystem around us too! We believe in a “sharing is caring” philosophy and this channel is FILLED with inspiring stories that can help us all become successful. Our ‘no sales pitch’ breakout sessions extend the vendors’ capabilities. We encourage them to take a step back from selling their product and remember what it was like for them personally or professionally to be a part of growth in a business. Growing any business comes with similar difficulties, and MSPs can often learn from vendors’ experiences.  

Change management, hiring practices, marketing tactics, operations processes, the list goes on. By sharing experiences and stories the MSP channel can come together as a community to find the best way to conquer challenges and see opportunities. Wouldn’t it be great to hear how Kaseya manages their teams, especially with the changes they’ve experienced in the past few years? Wouldn’t it be awesome to understand the strategy behind the shift in go to market that Nodeware from IGI Cyberlabs is implementing with a new sales process? How about a glimpse into building a loyal army of customers like NinjaOne has done? At Build IT LIVE you will see it and learn from these channel leaders. 

ITBD: What is something you want every MSP to know about Build IT LIVE ‘23? 

TS: Listen, Build IT LIVE is in September, right before Q4 planning season. We’re building a line-up designed to kickstart your planning and strategy sessions for your entire leadership team. You will walk away from this event not just with inspiring ideas, but with an actual means to execute them in 2024 and an entire community to support you! Let Build IT LIVE be your leadership retreat so your team is one step ahead to scaling, growing, and thriving! 

ITBD: There you have it, folks. Build IT LIVE is truly the most education-focused event on the MSP calendar. That’s the way it’s been designed, and it reflects the IT By Design culture of helping others to get better. An incredible amount of work is going into making this event something truly special. You owe it to yourself, to your business, and to all the people you’re responsible for, to join us in Orlando this September 9-11th.  


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