Let’s be honest. Lots of companies offer staffing support. What makes ITBD different is twofold.

First, we have built our talent solutions based on our own experience—nearly 20 years as an MSP serving the greater New York/New Jersey area. Over that time, we’ve built teams in three countries; with more than 450 employees. Replicating our brand experience and meeting customer service expectations meant creating a standardized way of training our team.

Second, we’ve taken that experience and created what we call the “MSP Way” of training. We apply that to every single new member on our bench of engineers to ensure that your MSP talent solution adds value from day one. That means they all fully understand what an MSP does, the critical role of customer service, ITBD processes and they are competent in the traditional MSP tool stack.

Why the MSP Way is Different?

During the 60-day MSP Way boot camp, new members of our team learn about the processes and workflows essential to a successful MSP organization. We address dispatch, ticket creation and lifecycle, escalation best practices, and SLA management. Working in a managed service environment can be overwhelming without the correct mindset. Our staffing solutions work because there aren’t any surprises for our talent—or you—when they join your team. We’ve set their expectations around the intensity of an MSP and given them the tools to be successful.

Customer Service – Front and Center

Soft skills are an often overlooked element of MSP success. The truth is, even the best technology solutions and problem resolution workflows can fall short if the customer isn’t feeling the love. During our “customer delight” training, we address everything from business etiquette to professional email usage and language. We help our engineers understand that listening to customers and communicating clearly and consistently throughout the resolution process is as important as being knowledgeable about the technology.

Tools are Not Created Equal

Since managed services first carved their place out of the larger IT industry, certain tools have been synonymous with our organizations. Quite simply, these tools enable what we do day-to-day. During MSP Way training, we focus specifically on best practices around those tools, such as PSAs and RMMs. But we also dig deep into the ways MSPs use more broadly leveraged tech, such as Microsoft and server management, cloud, security, and more. Working on technology solutions within an MSP is different than working with them as part of an on-site IT department or a break-fix service. We make sure our talent is comfortable with those differences. Plus, let’s face it, we need well-rounded engineers and don’t have the luxury of hiring SMEs for each technology.  By providing comprehensive training on standard toolsets, we ensure that our engineers are able to address a significant portion of the day-to-day challenges that MSPs face—starting day 1.