ORLANDO — Sept. 18, 2023 IT By Design announced today the addition of dedicated “Talent Pods” to its suite of MSP services and solutions, which will dramatically improve the ability of partner businesses to rapidly grow with large-scale support teams. Built on a transparent cost-plus model, the “Pods” will enable MSPs to add overseas talent — fully trained by IT By Design — that allows them to:  

  • Scale with profitability and security 
  • Enjoy flexibility and optionality with zero liability 
  • Build teams using two decades of offshore talent experience  

The announcement highlighted the first day of Build IT LIVE, IT By Design’s annual flagship event in Orlando. Several other innovations and developments were also spotlighted at the event, including: 

Expansion of “One-Stop” NOC Services  

IT By Design also added two new services to its network operations center (NOC) offering, which position the company to continue strengthening its 24×7 support capabilities for MSPs. The new NOC services include Sentry and Ignite Secure:

  • Sentry provides after-hours and weekend assistance to MSPs that need coverage outside of regular business hours. It also enables real-time client and end-customer communication with live phone support. 
  • Ignite Secure entails complete and comprehensive network operations center management for MSPs. It includes a monthly security compliance checklist, quarterly end-user security awareness training, and Microsoft Azure best-practice security management 

“When you’re running a growing MSP, you are going to hit a point where your existing team just can’t keep up with demand,” said Sunny Kaila, CEO of IT By Design. “That’s when an affordable and effective NOC solution can make a real difference. 24×7 support is no longer just an option — it’s a must.” 

These two new tiers of NOC support fold into IT By Design’s pre-existing NOC offering, which also includes Watch (24×7 monitoring and P1 resolution), Care (‘Watch’ plus additional monitoring and maintenance) and Ignite (which encompasses everything in ‘Care’ but incorporates complete and total NOC management with administration, analysis and troubleshooting).  

Team GPS Updates 

Upgrades for IT By Design’s Team GPS talent operating system were announced at Build IT LIVE as well, designed to help MSPs turn transactional leaders into transformational ones.  

The all-in-one software solution now includes more detailed strategy and cascading goal capabilities, ensuring employees can understand why their work matters — and the impact it has on their organization’s growth. Team GPS has also undergone various performance management updates, adding features and standardized processes for performance reviews, employee scorecards, one-on-one meetings and more.  

“These upgrades only further our mission to ensure every team member is treated equally and receiving quality leadership and feedback,” said Kam Kaila, president of IT By Design. “Employees need to feel valued as whole people, not just employees at work.”  

Additional MSP Training Opportunities 

IT By Design also announced its new Leadership License Program provided by the Build IT initiative, formatted to: 

  • Offer a formalized training program to develop leadership skills within teams  
  • Create a training curriculum to nurture your next layer of leaders  
  • Enable effective succession planning within your organization  

This new customized approach to building leadership alignment includes once-a-month training and homework for teams of up to 10 people. 

“This program enables the growth and development of your team, so that all leaders are utilizing the same systems and methods to effectively lead your organization,” Kam Kaila said. “Once they are fully bought in, that has been proven to drive as much as 10X growth for the overall business.”  

The Most Magical IT Event on Earth 

Build IT LIVE hosted 400 MSP leaders this year, with 55 breakout sessions across six different educational tracks, including Revenue, Mergers & Acquisitions, Service & Security, Strategy, Talent, and Leadership. The event also featured a ‘Debate Club’ stage for prominent IT leaders to discuss hot-button issues; ‘Mergers and Acquisitions Alley,’ a space created to open conversations about exit strategies; and personalized sessions with strategic business coaches.  

To learn more about Build IT LIVE, visit itbd.net/live. 

About IT By Design  

IT By Design specializes in custom business solutions for managed services providers. With 20 years in the industry, IT By Design leverages its expertise and commitment to further its clients’ success and create partnerships that take the MSP’s business to the next level. IT By Design’s team of highly trained technical talent can support any MSP at a moment’s notice. The company continues to refine an all-in-one software solution that helps MSPs manage staff, keep objectives on target, and establish a strong and happy company culture.    

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