In this edition of “Sunny’s Silver Linings” podcast, seasoned tech entrepreneurs, Anthony Mongeluzo and Josh Gossett, share their entrepreneurial journeys, experiences in the MSP (Managed Services Provider) industry, and valuable insights on building successful businesses. Their stories reflect years of resilience, adaptation, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Anthony’s Journey: Anthony’s journey began in the restaurant industry, but his passion led him to the tech world. Starting as a residential IT provider, he navigated through the evolving landscape of MSPs, eventually founding PCS and expanding into software development and cybersecurity. His key takeaway: the importance of adapting and embracing a holistic business perspective.

Josh’s Path: Josh’s entry into tech began with Geek Squad, fixing computers in Nowheresville, Kentucky. His MSP journey started in 2006, emphasizing the shift from a tech-centric mindset to a business-centric approach. Josh stresses the significance of understanding the broader scope of running an MSP, emphasizing the need for mentorship, relationships, and a mindset shift.

Challenges and Opportunities for MSPs: Both entrepreneurs agree on the increasing importance of cybersecurity for MSPs, emphasizing the need for proper practices and accountability. They identify a common mistake: the risk of commoditization. The opportunity lies in mastering marketing, networking, and overall business skills. MSPs need to evolve beyond technical expertise and become well-rounded business professionals.

Lessons Learned: Reflecting on their experiences, Anthony advises focusing on processes and procedures early on. Josh emphasizes the need to understand the broader scope of MSP operations, moving beyond a tech-centric mindset. Both stress the importance of learning from others’ successes and failures, embracing a people-centric approach in the service of business goals.

MSP Challenges and Opportunities: Anthony sees liability as a significant danger, especially for smaller MSPs, stressing the importance of promoting and practicing robust cybersecurity. The opportunity lies in honing business skills such as marketing and networking. Josh echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the danger of commoditization and the opportunity to differentiate through a people-centric approach.

Culture: Anthony and Josh highlight the importance of intentional culture-building. Anthony shares practical initiatives like regular huddles, weekly fun activities, and fostering a sense of family within the company. Josh introduces the concept of using tools like DISC for assessing personality fitment, ensuring individuals are in roles that align with their strengths.

Conclusion: The insights shared by Anthony and Josh provide a roadmap for aspiring and existing MSPs. From navigating industry challenges to building a resilient culture, their experiences underscore the importance of adaptability, continuous learning, and a people-centric approach in the ever-evolving world of MSPs. These lessons are invaluable for those looking to thrive in the competitive landscape of managed services.

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