With thousands of new jobs opening up in the IT industry, it can feel daunting to navigate the hiring process and ultimately feel you’ve found the right fit. Whether you are looking for a new role or want to add more meaningful impact to your current daily tasks, we know there’s a lot to consider to truly feel valued especially in the technical field. Good news! There are ways you can go beyond the job description to ensure your own career success.

Listen as ITBD CEO Sunny Kaila discusses this in-depth with Shona Elliot, Founder, and CEO of Shona Elliott Leadership Services, and uncovers incredible insight into how you can incorporate leadership values into your own ‘rockstar’ career journey.

– The challenges that leaders face and how you can flip them to grow your own career

– Understanding why it is crucial to align your core values with your company’s mission

– How to use your daily work challenges and be able to apply it as ‘learning’

– The key drivers of employee engagement and experience and how it can impact your work