Has your leadership style changed in this new normal? We hope that it did! MSP leaders continue to face challenges as their sales workforce becomes more distributed and remote. But what if we told you there is a secret to turning these challenges into positive work environments with open communication that actually result in higher levels of productivity?

Do you think it’s possible? Find out today on this episode of Sunny’s Silver Linings with Liongard’s Chief Revenue Officer, Adam Slutskin. Listen as he shares his experience leading a global sales team to success even in times of change and how embracing your fears can help grow your leadership skills.

– The biggest challenges when transitioning from a leader in the office to a virtual leader

– Get great advice on ways to connect your remote team members and build team rapport

– Happiness equals Productivity – how changing your vision as a remote leader can have a surprising (positive!) trickle-down effect

– How to make sure your workforce is set up for success with the right metrics in place