What role does team building play in the success of your organization? Datto’s Michael DePalma spells it out in the latest episode of “Sunny’s Silver Linings” podcast.

In a recent conversation between host Sunny Kaila and Datto’s Michael DePalma, a seasoned professional in the managed services provider (MSP) industry, some valuable insights were shared about the challenges and opportunities in the MSP channel. Michael, who is also a speaker at the upcoming Build IT LIVE conference, provided a sneak peek into what attendees can expect and why this event stands out in the crowd.

Build IT LIVE 2023: A Unique Educational Experience

One of the standout features of Build IT LIVE, according to Michael, is its educational focus. Unlike many other industry events that tend to revolve around product pitches, Build IT LIVE prioritizes knowledge sharing and fostering genuine conversations. The sessions are designed to be highly educational, offering attendees the opportunity to learn from real experiences and insights shared by industry experts, including competitors.

Scaling Challenges in the MSP Channel

One of the main challenges discussed during the conversation was the rapid growth of the MSP channel. While growth is an excellent problem to have, it can be overwhelming for MSPs who struggle to scale properly. The industry is witnessing substantial expansion, leading to two primary approaches: scaling through acquisitions or achieving organic scalability. Building a strong team is key to achieving the latter, ensuring that the business is well-equipped to handle growth without sacrificing quality.

Team Building: A Cornerstone of Success

Michael highlighted the importance of team building in the MSP channel. He shared that putting together a winning team is not only a challenge but also a crucial factor in long-term success. Real-life stories from partners who successfully grew their teams were shared as part of the conversation. Building a cohesive and capable team can be a unique selling point for MSPs in a crowded market.

Why Attend Build IT LIVE 2023?

Michael stressed that Build IT LIVE is unique in its content, offering valuable insights beyond product pitches. The conference provides a platform for attendees to connect, learn, and engage with peers and industry experts. It’s an opportunity to gain fresh perspectives, meet new faces, and explore innovative ways to grow their MSP businesses.

Looking Forward to Build IT LIVE 2023

Michael expressed excitement about the upcoming Build IT LIVE event, particularly the opportunity to share new educational content with attendees. The event’s NASA and Kennedy Space Center theme reflects the commitment to taking education to the next level.

The Anticipation of Meeting Fresh Faces

While Michael looks forward to reuniting with familiar faces and friends at the event, he’s equally excited about meeting new MSPs and industry professionals. Build IT LIVE typically attracts both seasoned veterans and newcomers to the MSP channel, creating a dynamic environment for networking and learning.

As the conversation between Sunny and Michael suggests, Build IT LIVE 2023 promises to be an event that goes beyond the ordinary, offering MSPs a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights, build lasting connections, and elevate their businesses to new heights. Don’t miss out on this educational experience designed to help you scale your MSP business successfully.

Watch: Scaling Success through Team Building in the MSP Channel


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