Welcome to “Sunny’s Silver Linings,” the podcast where insightful conversations with experts bring you invaluable wisdom. In this episode, host Sunny Kaila is joined by two remarkable guests, Kelly Knight and Mitch Morgan. The conversation dives deep into the realms of business strategy, company culture building, and talent acquisition, providing invaluable insights for small and medium-sized business owners and MSPs.

Unearthing Golden Nuggets from the Podcast:

1. Getting Started Right: Kelly Knight from Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) Worldwide, shares the importance of early-stage tools and resources for businesses. She emphasizes that these foundational tools, such as the EOS scorecard and vision traction organizer, are crucial for channeling the initial stages of an organization in the right direction. She highlights the significance of being laser-focused on acquiring the right talent, rather than succumbing to ‘warm body syndrome.’

2. Mitch Morgan’s Take on Success: Mitch Morgan, with experience in guiding 23 companies through New Charter’s platform, underscores the importance of thinking big and not limiting your business aspirations. He encourages business owners to engage with industry associations and consultants to set the right course. Building for scale, focusing on repeatable processes, and balancing technical talent with sales and client expansion are key aspects for MSP owners to consider.

3. Culture and Talent Wars: Kelly and Mitch emphasize the significance of culture in business. Building trust within the organization is crucial. Consistency in actions, words, and behaviors, aligned with core values, fosters a strong and healthy culture. In the quest to win the talent war, Kelly suggests a three-step formula: pay people well, empower them, and value, trust, and appreciate them. Mitch adds that a common vision and transparent communication play pivotal roles in retaining top talent.

4. Leveraging EOS Tools: Kelly recommends EOS tools such as “Delegate and Elevate” and the “People Analyzer” for enhancing the people component in businesses. “Delegate and Elevate” helps individuals identify their strengths and unique abilities, allowing them to contribute in a way that aligns with their best talents. The “People Analyzer” facilitates the alignment of core values, expectations, and capacities within the team.

5. Mitch’s Favorite EOS Tool: Mitch’s favorite EOS tool is the Vision Traction Organizer (VTO), a one-page business plan that provides clarity on an organization’s mission, vision, and strategic objectives for different timeframes. This tool simplifies and streamlines communication, ensuring everyone understands the company’s direction.

Sunny’s Silver Linings offers a treasure trove of insights from experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts. The guidance shared by Kelly Knight and Mitch Morgan in this episode provides a roadmap for success, from inception to culture building and talent retention. Small and medium-sized business owners and MSPs can gain valuable knowledge from these seasoned professionals to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship.

Watch: Winning the Talent War with a Strong Company Culture


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