Ever wondered how many of your leaders have undergone formal leadership training? Or if your organization has clear leadership standards that every team leader comprehends? Effective leadership is the cornerstone of any successful organization. 

That’s why, at ITBD, we’ve honed this into what we call a ‘Leadership License’—a catalyst for improving your and your team’s leadership capabilities. Introducing our coaching and training services that cover a comprehensive array of essential aspects, from leadership styles to conflict resolution. 

Build IT LIVE: The Entrepreneur’s Conference 

Only the right knowledge can help you elevate your MSP and entrepreneurial journey. We’ve tailor-made our annual conference, Build IT LIVE, to do just that. The three-day event is packed with coaching sessions, workshops, networking with industry pioneers and a treasure trove of editable templates you can take back. Save your seat and experience Build IT LIVE first-hand! 

Build IT University: Empower Your Team With Knowledge 

In search of a consistent training program for your team? Look no further! Build IT University, our on-demand learning platform, focuses on enhancing MSP business excellence through educational content, shared best practices and peer-to-peer training. Gain access to fresh courses, downloadable templates and video-based learning that aligns with actionable resources to drive MSP success. 

Build IT Communities of Practice: Tailored Executive Education 

Are you an MSP leader striving to make informed business decisions? Our Communities of Practice (CoP) offer tailored executive education, precisely designed to cater to the distinctive needs of MSP leaders and their teams. Collaborate with experts, move beyond solely relying on instincts and start continuous learning with this exclusive community. When you start your journey of being a lifelong learner with CoP, you can expect executive education, top-notch educators, small group settings and monthly check-ins. 

Talk to us to understand how these offerings can transform your approach to leadership and MSP growth.