The amazing entrepreneur and speaker, Gary Vaynerchuk, posted online a portion of his keynote speech from our Build IT LIVE 2021 conference back in September. It’s the section in which he claims, “Sales is just bad marketing”. So I thought this was an excellent opportunity to share the video with you and revisit my takeaways from his dynamic speech.

Here are my personal key takeaways:

#1 Revenue solves a lot of other business problems. Be intentional about using LinkedIn to educate your clients to help build your brand and solve revenue challenges.

# 2 Focus on the clients of your client to create the right value for your clients. Align content and context with the consumer of the content.

# 3 Be people-centric. Fear is a dream killer, so create a culture of psychological safety for your people to help create an environment that is conducive to innovation and 10x growth.

I encourage you to watch Gary’s video and share with me your thoughts on it.