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MSP Talent Solutions | Support Resources for MSPs


Take Your NOC
to the Next Level

  • Reduce costs

  • Grow revenue​

  • Provide better security​

Here's How ITBD Can Help


Are you struggling to find an affordable NOC solution that actually works?

When you’re running an MSP business, you may reach a point where your existing engineering team can't keep up with demand.

  • Your service desk can't meet your predefined KPIs

  • Tickets are left unresolved

  • And if your existing vendor doesn’t provide complete management, tickets get sent back to you to deal with

The reality is offering true 24x7 support is no longer just a ‘nice to have’ - it’s a MUST have.

ITBD can help!

Numbers that speak for us

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Meet P1 SLAs
0 %
First call resolution
0 %
Average patch compliance & health
0 %
Quarterly backup restore testing

Five tiers of NOC support for maximum flexibility


Weekend & After-Hours Support

  • P1 incident remediation from 5 pm to 5 am and 24x2 on weekends

  • Vendor management during incident escalation

  • Realtime client and end-customer communication

  • Live phone support

  • Warm handover of incidents at start of business


24×7 Monitoring & P1 Resolution

  • Full incident for remediation

  • Vendor escalation, when required

  • 24x7 live monitoring

  • Escalate only when we need boots on the ground or money spent

  • Hardware & software audits


Monitoring & Maintenance

Includes everything in WATCH plus:

  • Backup monitoring and remediation

  • Quarterly restore testing

  • Patch deployment by NOC

  • Monthly device health reporting

  • Discounted project services

Complete Management

Includes everything in CARE plus: 

  • User and object administration

  • Proactive or on-demand server restart

  • Global policy troubleshooting

  • System performance analysis & troubleshooting

Ignite Secure

Security Best Practices With a Team of Security Engineers

  • Monthly security compliance checklist that fulfills ISO27001, CIS, and NIST best practices

  • Quarterly end-user security awareness training to prevent the biggest causes of security incidents

  • Microsoft Azure security best-practice management

We believe you should have a choice when it comes to your MSP tools.

That’s why our NOC team works in your preferred tool stack.
For MSPs that don’t have or don’t want to manage their own RMM tool, we offer
One Stop NOC
  • Asset management

  • Remote monitoring

  • Application deployment

  • Automated monitoring and alerting

  • Remote access/control

  • Issue auditing

  • Maintenance scheduling

  • Patch management

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Getting your NOC services setup is easy

Beyond NOC

ITBD offers additional support to help reduce costs, grow revenue and provide better security for your clients.

RMM Admin

Outsourcing RMM can offer many benefits:

  • Increased efficiency

  • Improved service delivery

  • Scalability

  • Staff retention

  • Managed maintenance and upgrades

We have 3 options of RMM support. Choose what best fits your needs today.

RMM Configuration

Just getting started with your RMM tool? We’ll set you up for success.
  • Configure monitoring and alerting

  • Recommended patching policies

  • Configure virtualization manager

  • PSA integration

RMM Health Check

Not sure where you stand with your RMM? We’ll evaluate.
  • Client, contract, and locations correctly set up

  • Service plans and groups

  • PSA integration including service boards, ticket mapping, and ticket statuses

  • Ticket fine-tuning to reduce noise

  • Monitors and alert templates

  • Patch management setup

  • Review of required plugins such A/V, backup and virtualization

RMM Virtual Administrator

For a fraction of the cost of a dedicated, in-house engineer, we optimize and maintain your RMM investment.
  • Create and execute a customized RMM best practices strategy

  • Includes configuration and maintenance of monitoring, scripting, reporting, patch management and more

  • Evaluate and then fine-tune alerts and tickets

  • On-demand RMM module training for your engineers to support the efficient use of tools

  • Options for script development, report design, and migrations


Are security alerts, monitoring, and remediation negatively impacting your customer service and your engineers’ peace of mind?

Did you know?

  • Approx. 81% of breaches target SMBs

  • Cyberattacks cost SMBs up to $84,000 or more to remediate

  • 95% of cybersecurity breaches are due to human error

And since 62% of SMBs say they lack the skills to properly deal with security, we’ve partnered with the best in the business …

Protected with

IT By Design’s shield IT Solution:
Minimizes security incidents
Remediates the incidents with minimal intervention from you

Proactively reports on the health of your network

With our simple per site pricing, you’ll save your customers money and grow your margins – all while you sleep better knowing that your clients’ data is safe

SOC Standalone 

  • 24×7 security monitoring ONLY

  • No remediation

SNOC Watch 

  • 24×7 NOC

  • SOC monitoring

  • SOC remediation


  • 24×7 NOC

  • SOC monitoring

  • SOC remediation

  • NOC remediation

  • NOC proactive maintenance

SNOC Ignite 

  • 24×7 NOC

  • SOCmonitoring

  • SOC remediation

  • NOC remediation

  • NOC proactive maintenance

  • NOC/SOC service requests (MACD-Up to 1 hr.)

  • Review of required plugins such A/V, backup and virtualization

And you can layer RMM Virtual Admin over any of these options—using either your existing RMM tool or our new ITBD RMM offering.

Professional Services

Special IT projects are a great way to generate more revenue and broaden your services. These can be anything from M365 migration to MFA across your client’s network.

Our professional services team has the …

  • Experience

  • Technological know-how

  • MSP business savvy

... to communicate your value to your existing customers and serve as an awesome introduction to prospective ones.

Some special projects we can deliver:

Cloud, email, server migration
RMM configuration
Network refresh
Network security implementation
Mobile device management
What project do you need help with? We’re on it!

Scale your business & improve the customer experience

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It’s time to stop putting out fires

You’re not a firefighter – you’re a business owner. Losing engineers, angry customers calling in the middle of the night, and spending your weekends cleaning up messes are not problems you should be dealing with.

It’s time to put away your disaster cleanup gear and get back to doing what you love.

Join the ITBD family and always know your business is in expert hands 24x7x365.

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