Thursday, May 21 2020

Let’s face it, it’s been a tough few months. First, the challenge was keeping our teams positive, engaged and productive as they transitioned to WFH. Many of us may have had to make tough decisions during this time as well, which can impact our culture. So now, as we head back to a new type of work environment, with distancing and testing measures, and potentially fewer team members, are we ready to lead our teams back into our “new normal?”

Culture is about feelings and experiences, so how are we going to guide our teams back – and stay connected – in a way that sets them up for success?

Kam Kaila, CRO & President of IT By Design, will be joined by Doug Diamond, CEO & Founder of Business Improvement, to share with MSPs how they can:

• Uncover the hidden hurdles when transitioning back to the office
• Measure and build morale in a new way
• Maintain transparency and communication – the foundation for “new world” culture and engagement

Building morale and reinvigorating your culture will be key as most of us head back to the office, so you really can’t miss this webinar.