The biggest challenges in the MSP channel continue to revolve around leadership, employee engagement, and customer service. These three factors limit your success because they determine the quality of leadership your team exhibits and how engaged they are in providing the type of customer service that’s associated with your brand. 

Have you heard the phrase, “A community’s knowledge is only as strong as the smartest person in the room”?   

The MSP channel is filled with hundreds, if not thousands, of thought leaders, trend setters, and innovators. It’s not lacking in leaders who share their learnings, service teams who find solutions, and groups finding new insights on employee engagement. But we would be doing a disservice to our community by limiting the knowledge we’re able to gain by only learning from those who are in the channel.  

Build IT’s mission is to provide the BEST solutions to our channel from the BEST educators in the world. For 30 years, Disney Institute has been the trusted, authoritative voice on Disney’s successful approach to leading and sustaining world-class customer and employee experience. Most of us have experienced this personally from Disney. They don’t call it the “happiest place on earth” for nothing! Disney has built a reputation for the outstanding service they provide.  

Kevin Brown, author and keynote speaker from Build IT LIVE 2022, shared his experience with us:  

Exceptional Customer Service Experience at Disney 

Engaging Disney Institute isn’t about copying Disney. It’s about learning to think the way Disney thinks and applying that intentional thought process to suit your own unique business needs. On September 17, 2023, join us in Orlando, FL, to learn about the following:  

  • Leadership Excellence
    Learn how leaders can inspire excellence and elevate others to excel. Great leaders are able to affect positive change—and sustain it. They align their personal values and vision with those of the organization. The most meaningful way a leader can impress a shared vision upon others is to articulate these ideas passionately and clearly, and personally shepherd them into practice. 
  • Employee Engagement
    There are four primary components that define an organization’s culture: employee selection, training, communication, and care. Each is crucial to creating and nurturing a culture that fosters employee engagement, and each has its own strategies and tactics within. To ensure employees consistently deliver exceptional experiences, an organization must intentionally design processes that reinforce their desired culture. 
  • Quality Service
    Discover why delivering exceptional customer service is all about the details—nothing is left to chance. It is the result of deeply understanding customers’ expectations and putting the right guidelines in place so employees can focus on serving partners. When an organizational framework properly unites its people, place, and processes around a singular purpose, exceptional service becomes possible across all customer touchpoints. 

Allow your business to reach its full potential and attend this exclusive leadership symposium. A full day of training from Disney Institute can easily cost your team $5000 a person!  

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