The need for cybersecurity protection has changed drastically over the years and can affect nearly everyone in various ways. When it comes to your MSP’s master service agreements, are your liability concerns keeping you up at night? If you’re not 100% certain that your company is protected with ironclad service contracts, then you don’t want to miss this episode of Sunny’s Silver Linings.

IT By Design’s CEO Sunny Kaila invites Bradley Gross, who specializes in IT & Technology Law for MSPs. As the Founding Partner & President to the Law Office of Bradley Gross, P.A., he shares how the secret to MSP growth and success can actually lie within your MSAs.

In this episode:

– What it means to go for the ‘no’ when negotiating with your customers

– Forget ‘fancy’ – why simple and plain language works

– The most common legal issue that impacts MSPs the greatest

– The importance of considering ‘situational reality’ when writing your contracts

– How to introduce new MSAs to existing customers without the risk of losing them