Every business, whether small or large, will run into similar challenges that can affect scalability and growth. Investing in the right tools and resources will help you to overcome these challenges and keep your MSP focused on the journey – not the destination.

IT By Design CEO Sunny Kaila speaks with Sean Harris, CEO & Head of Cybersecurity at A Leap Ahead IT about what it means to have a growth mindset in the MSP channel. Sean shares his personal journey as a leader and educator over the last 20 years and the secrets he learned over the last 20 years to grow your MSP business successfully in the world of technology.

– What it means to have a growth mindset in your journey when challenges arise

– How to stay connected in the remote workspace and still stay focused on growth

– The ways people and education can pay off and translate into success

– The core values that should not be overlooked when hiring in the MSP world