Beyond the benefits of ‘fun’ company perks, the secret to both talent acquisition and retention lies in the core values around a company’s employee engagement and experience. What does it truly mean to invest in your employees? And why does it matter?

In this episode of Sunny’s Silver Linings, IT By Design CEO Sunny Kaila has a very special guest, Ronnie March, Global CHRO at IT By Design. With years of leadership experience, specifically with growth-oriented companies, she knows first-hand the challenges for organizations to invest in their employees as a top priority. Ronnie expertly shares guidance on how today’s MSPs can focus on their employees’ voices to drive more success as part of their business growth strategy.

In this episode:

– How to increase employee retention by listening to “voices”

– Understanding the impact that the workforce has on customer experience and ultimately, overall business performance

– The key success metrics to consider when executing employee retention programs

– Get great advice on ways that MSPs can take a people-centric approach to strengthen employee retention