In a recent podcast episode, Sunny welcomed two prominent leaders in the MSP (Managed Service Provider) industry, Michelle Accardi and Victoria Tovar, to share their experiences and insights. The conversation covered various aspects of running successful MSP businesses, focusing on financial planning, cybersecurity, culture building, attracting and retaining talent, and team building.

Financial Planning and Cybersecurity: Michelle emphasized the importance of setting clear financial goals and creating a solid business plan from the start. Understanding the significance of cybersecurity in the current technical environment was highlighted as crucial for MSPs. Prioritizing the right technology stack, especially focusing on cybersecurity, is essential for new MSPs to succeed.

Culture Building: The leaders discussed the significance of building a strong organizational culture. Michelle stressed the importance of hiring individuals who believe in the company’s mission and investing in personal relationships with team members. Victoria added that being genuine, transparent, and intentional about fostering a positive work environment contributes to building a healthy culture within a company.

Attracting and Retaining Talent: Both leaders shared their strategies for attracting and retaining top talent. Michelle highlighted the importance of hiring individuals who understand the challenges faced by MSPs, often recruiting from within the industry. Victoria emphasized the value of acquisitions, ensuring that the acquired teams align with the existing culture. Additionally, providing opportunities for continuous learning and growth, such as training programs, helps retain valuable employees.

Team Building: The conversation concluded with insights on effective team building. Victoria emphasized the significance of placing the right people in the right positions rather than throwing bodies at problems. Michelle stressed the importance of communication, urging leaders to overcommunicate and be repetitive to ensure clarity. Both leaders highlighted the need for empathetic listening and investing time in developing team members.

Watch: The Art of Attracting and Retaining Talent in the MSP Industry


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